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This project takes care of 50 vulnerable children living in eastern Sri Lanka by providing them with day care facilities, creative opportunities, educational and learning tools, pharmaceutical drugs like vitamin and iron, worming treatment, footwear to prevent worm infection, one nutritious meal, uniforms and a committed and trained staff.

For children living in poor rural villages of Sri Lanka, attending day carae, nursery or a preschool is often unthinkable. Many spend their time at home, helping their parents with household chores, looking after the younger sibling, or simply idling their time. Though children are primarily affected, single parent mothers are equally challenged having to stay home. The Sunshine Day Care and Pre-school will benefit both children and mothers.

The project will provide 50 children with nursery education, one wholesome lunch-time meal, uniforms, creative opportunities, health screening and pharmaceutical drugs like vitamins, iron and worming tablets contributing to the child's physical, psychological, emotional and social wellbeing.

Long-Term Impact
The organization purchased a block of land and built a permanent centre to achieve a long-term impact on the community. It has been almost eighteen years since the centre was established and operates today as the only suitable day care and preschool within a distance of 10 km. If the centre ceases operation, the children living in these communities will be compelled to stay home till they are admitted at age 5 or 6 to the local primary school.

Cause Balance $0
Created on 26th of January, 2022
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